Fairfield County Fish & Game Protective Association maintains a clean, safe, NRA approved rifle and pistol range with shooting points at 50 feet, 50 yards and 100 yards. As a private shooting range, we are open to members each Sunday of the year for target practice and sighting of hunting firearms.

The Fairfield County Cowboy Group holds shoots at the Fairfield County Fish & Game Protective Association's rifle/pistol range on the following dates: Mar. 26, Apr. 16, May 28, June 18, July 23, Aug. 20 & Sept. 24th. The Rifle and Pistol range will be closed for all other shooting those days. (Click on the 2016 schedule below for more info.)

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Club members and other cowboy action shooters are encouraged to come in cowboy garb. We recommend that those interested visit the Single Action Shooting Society www.sassnet.com and review the "Shooters Handbook" for an understanding of the game.

Target setup will start at approximately 8:00. Registration starts at 8:30 with a mandatory safety meeting at 9:30. Cowboy Action Shooting requires target level, lead bullet pistol rounds (no magnums, jacketed or plated bullets) fired in both single action revolvers and lever action rifles. Shotguns use low brass, target ammo. No guns will be loaded until done so under supervision at a designated loading table.

Entry fee is $20.00 which includes lunch.

Any questions contact Phil Chase 203-254-2261.

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