I am very excited about the upcoming fishing season. The fly pool dredging was a huge success. In some places it is eight feet deep. There is some good structure in the bottom of the pool too. There was a price reduction on trout. This will increase our quantity. We will have 8 spring stockings this year.

Everyone is still doing an exceptional job releasing fish. We almost catch twice as many fish as we stock! Keep it up. Stockings start this month. Remember you cannot bring guests on scheduled stocking dates. Occasionally, I have to reschedule a stocking. This is normally due to high water. Since this is at a moment’s notice, I can only inform people on our email list. If a date changes and it is not posted the newsletter and you bring a guest it is OK. I do not post stocking information on the website.

The fishing rules are included in the March newsletter. Please read them over. A couple key rules are make sure you sign in and out, and you can only kill one trout 16 inches or greater. There is no culling of your catch. Once it a fish is on the stringer, it is considered killed. So be prepared to properly release your catch. For people not familiar with catch and release techniques they will be in this newsletter. Remember we are our own police. Be polite and show respect for your fellow members that are making sure you are not a poacher.

We need volunteers. The best thing for our volunteers is that they can do it according to their own schedule. We need a grass cutter. Every other week in the spring and once a month in the summer is fine. We need a painter. We have some nice wooden chairs that need a staining. We need someone to clean up the camping area. There is also a need for stream work. It can be as simple as piling rocks. Please let me know if you would like a position.

One more reminder, please do not post information about the club fishing on any of the public fishing forums. This includes pictures too. We don’t need the advertisement to attract poachers. Have fun and respect our wonderful resource. Bob

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