Adopted 2-20-85

Amended 3-15-2000

Amended 9/2006



a.  If a Board of Governors meeting is postponed due to bad weather, it shall be held on a date to be announced.


b.  Committee chairpersons who cannot attend a Board of Governors meeting shall announce their alternate to the President prior to the meeting. This alternate may not be another Board member.


c.  No alternate may represent more than one committee at a meeting.




a.  October – at the board meeting in October of each year, the Recording Secretary shall distribute to each board member a copy of the last adopted Board Rules and a copy of any such rules as have been adopted during the prior year.  The board shall review these materials and adopt an official set of Board Rules for the following year which shall be published on the website. 


      The last adopted committee rules shall be distributed to each venue chair for consideration at the November board meeting.


      The board shall consider any necessary amendments to the bylaws so as to permit necessary publication of proposed changes and the mailing of a      proxy ballot with the next year’s dues notification.


b.  November – at the board meeting in November of each year, the Recording Secretary shall request from each venue chair the committee rules which will be applicable for the following year.  After consideration of any proposed changes by the board, these rules shall be published on the website.


c.  December – at the board meeting in December of each year, the board members shall consider and approve the list of Honorary members for the following year.




The chairmen of the Fish, Game, Skeet, Trap, Rifle/Pistol, Sporting Clays, and Archery committees shall submit to the President a written annual report stating the level of activity on their facility for the year, income (if any) and expenses. This report shall be due at the January Board of Governors meeting.




a.  Each committee chairperson shall submit to the Audit and Budget Chairman a written budget request for the following year. This shall be due at the November Board of Governors meeting. This request shall include:


1.                  Full and specific disclosure of anticipated expenses.

2.                  A projection of income expected (if any) and its sources for the coming year.

3.                  A Projection of capital expenses for the next 3 years.


b.  Except as provided for herein, no committee shall incur expenses appreciably exceeding their authorized budget without the specific approval of the Board of Governors. The President may, however, authorize such expense in the case of an emergency provided that a Board of Governors meeting is not imminent and it is impractical to call a special meeting for this purpose.




a.  All committee chairpersons shall remit to the Treasurer all monies received on behalf of the Association no less frequently than monthly.  All venues with checking accounts will have automatic withdrawals by the Treasurer.


b.  Any committee planning a "fund raiser" (event, raffle, candy sale, etc.) shall first obtain the approval of the Board of Governors. Expense money shall be obtained from that committee's budget or, at the discretion of the Board of Governors, may be provided from the General Fund in special circumstances. This expense money is to be repaid to the source form which it came, from the first proceeds of the "fund raiser". All other proceeds shall be turned into the Treasurer and held in the General Fund pending Board approval for their use.




a.  Any committee spending $1000.00 of its budgeted funds on any one project shall first notify the Board of Governors.


b.  All expenses are to be documented by receipts, which are to be turned in to the Treasurer no less than monthly.


c.  Except as otherwise provided herein, committees shall not use income monies to cover expenses except in cases such as major events where such expenses are directly related to a specific income producing event.




Chairpersons of the Fish, Game, Skeet, Trap, Rifle/Pistol, Sporting Clays, and Archery committees shall maintain the log sheets showing activity on their facility for at least one full year after each calendar year closes.




A Fidelity Bond in an amount deemed appropriate by the Board of Governors shall be established for any officer having the power to sign checks (alone or jointly) of otherwise access the Associations funds and for any officer or committee chair person who routinely handles more than $500.00 of funds due the Association.


Removal of trees (living, dead, or down) as well as land clearing must receive the prior approval of the Land Management Committee.  Decisions of that committee may be appealed to the Board of Governors.   Prior approval by the Land Management Committee is waived in those emergency situations where the safety of members or guests is jeopardized.


10.  DOGS


a.  Dogs are not permitted in the club house.


b.  It is the owner's responsibility to control his/her dog while on club property.


c.  Dog owners are responsible for cleaning dog waste from areas where there is public traffic.  A “pooper scooper” will be available outside the clubhouse for this purpose.




a)     Shooting will stop ½ hour after sunset except for necessary “shoot-offs” during competition.


b)     Senior, Associate, and Sub-Senior members will be allowed to shoot all venues at committee rates after accumulating 30 or more work hours in the previous year.


c)      Individuals 16 years of age and under shoot practice rounds for free; ages 17-21 shoot practice rounds at member rates.  During Winter League, Juniors pay only registration and entry fees, not weekly fees.  This applies to all venues.


d)     Shooting begins at 10:00 a.m. on Sundays except for registered events at which earlier starting times are necessary.  The Board will be notified of any such events with earlier starting times.





            The recreational use of motorized vehicles on club property is prohibited.




a)     Use of the club membership list, other than for specific committee or board business, must have board approval


b)     Names of prospective members will be published in the Newsletter prior to their introduction to the membership for induction.


c)      The number of Senior members shall not exceed 475, except to admit a Sub-Senior member to Senior member status.  This number may only be changed after such change is recommended by majority vote of the Board and then approved by majority vote of the membership eligible to vote at a membership meeting.  Such vote of the membership shall follow by 30 or more days a notice in the Newsletter concerning the conduct of the vote at a membership meeting.


d)     The work hour requirement for non exempt Senior members is 10 per calendar year.


e)     The monetary assessment for work hours not worked is $30 per hour not worked


f)       The Membership Secretary shall publish a notice in the September, October and November Newsletters reminding members of the work hour obligation.


g)     The annual maintenance fee for Inactive member status is $25.


h)     The amount of the late payment assessment for terminated members reinstated to the Association is $100


i)        No member is allowed to give instruction for a fee on club grounds.  This applies to all venues.  Upon request, and with prior approval from the Board of Governors, such instruction may be given if all monies made are deposited in the Association’s General fund.


j)        The Board may recognize and honor one member each year for outstanding contributions to the club, as appropriate.  A committee chaired by the Vice President will be established each year and charged with identifying the individual to be so honored.


k)       All employees of NSSF wishing to access club facilities shall complete a membership application to obtain basic biographic data.


l)         Senior, Associate, and Sub-Senior members are allowed to shoot  practice rounds on all venues at committee rates after accumulating 30 or more work hours in the previous year.  This is referred to as the “Intersquad Shooters List.”


m)    There will be no smoking at membership or board meetings.  The clubhouse is a smoke free area.




(a)     Guests must wear a guest tag at all times when on club property

(b)     Members shall drive to the club with their guests or meet them at the gate

(c)     Guests must remain with the member while on club property

(d)     Guests will pay guest rates

(e)     A member may bring up to two guests at a time

(f)       The hunting and fishing venues shall make their own rules concerning

            guests and present them to the Board for approval

(g)      All guests or Junior members under the age of 17 will have the per round          fee waived; all guests or Junior members between 17 and 21 will pay

            Member rates per round shot.

(h)    Open shoots and other events that would be open to the public are not

             subject to the guest policy.




These rules may be amended or repealed and the new rules may be adopted by a majority of the Board members present at any Board of Governors meeting at which a quorum is present.